I don’t know what’s God’s plans for me. Sometimes I get distracted and get lost as I walk in this journey of life. I get easily lost.

Like now, I’m thinking – “what am I suppose to do God? Am I not suppose to continue this line? Am I suppose to continue this line?” Cuz I didn’t get replies from companies that I send out my resumes to… “Is this not my path?” I asked God most of the time.

I can’t see my path clearly. And it makes me question why am I like that… Why I can’t see my path. Is there a problem with me? Is it a error with my career path?

I always ask myself if this is really what I want in my life. And I get no answer. Because I don’t have one.

So I’m always worried about my future. And because of that, I pray or talk to God constantly. Cuz somehow I know he will listen to me and he will show me signs of my path. But sometimes I’m really too blind and not notice them.

I actually duno what I’m saying. It’s all over the place. Can’t think straight now…

Ok, bye.

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