Updated: Red Productions Who?

Hi again… 

There’s a last group of people I forgot to thank from my previous post. 

Thank you techies!!! Although I know not many will like know that I’m writing this cause we don’t have contacts…. 

Thank you the team for constantly being so supportive and generous with your hard work. It has been hard on you guys… 

When suddenly I have to get aux cable from you guys… Then suddenly have to add this and add that. I’m thankful that your are so supplied with your equipment and efficiency for providing us with whatever we need!

I’m not the easiest to work with… Especially with my cold jokes and somewhat “threats” of “if again audio got problem, next show you go act.” Or suddenly saying “eh, you know the cues already la… You can solo… I just seat and relax and don’t come tomorrow.” 

I mean I’m loud and noisy and I talk a lot. So I’m thankful that you guys are all so accepting of my differences… Even treating me and Shermin as one your own… I think right??? 😕😕😕😕

Thanks Muen for always supplying us with food and drinks… The Gong Cha and the night supper and dinner. Thank you guys for being so thoughtful! 

Thank you Tejay, for constantly helping out and running here and there to fix the audio system whenever there is a problem. Especially the one at the crucifixion scene, the Getai scene and the South Transcept 3 women scene. 

Always comms you to tell you got problem and you run over… But Hor apparently when you here, audio totally fine… When you not around, audio got problem…. Funny huh…. 

Thank you for the guys who I have work close hand in hand… Charles, Roy, Matthew and everyone else. 

Thank you for all your hard work. 

Red productions Who?

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