I went youtube and search about SFX makeup and I got interested in some of the tutorial that I’ve seen and decided I should try it out. It said use “liquid latex” but I don’t have them… So instead of liquid latex, I used normal white glue. Cause some of the tutorial said I could use white glue instead. They are about the same as liquid latex.

Liquid latex is expensive and I don’t have it because I have to go to Art Friends to purchase. And not all Art Friends have it so I have to go to a particular store to buy them. I think the Bras Basah outlet have, from what I know. So if you are in Singapore and wants to get them, you have to either go to Bras Basah Art Friend or go to a specialize special effects makeup school to get them.

So basically I did a burn makeup. Burn hands and half face. It took me sometime and skill to accomplish this because this is my first time making something like this.

My advice is to make the face first before the hand. I did the hands first and put cosmetics on before doing the face. But by the time I finish up my face, my hand’s makeup was almost tearing off. Because you keep moving and twisting around your hand, the makeup will naturally tear up.

So ok… basically you put a layer of white glue on your face, take tissue paper (cuz tissue normally have 2 to 3 ply, you need to remove and make it a single ply, without pattern) and overlap it on the glue then you put another layer of glue above the tissue. You repeat this step 5 to 6 times and let it dry. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin because it would be difficult to tear it apart if it’s too thick. Too thin… You can’t do much with it.

To make the glue dry faster, you use a hair dryer and blow above and on it. Beware of the heat because the heat will concentrate and it will cause your skin to have the tingling heat effect. So if it’s too hot, you will hurt. So be careful!

If you are going to use purely white glue, please ensure that you don’t overstretch your hand and don’t make it not stretch. White glue has a certain degree of elasticity. Thus if you don’t stretch it and stretch it, it will break and tear apart. But if you stretch it and then loosen it, you will make it wrinkle. So you need to know how much leeway you should give to your glue.

Ok, I have bad blending skills and I’m training on it. And plus I don’t have any cream base foundation and thus it’s really hard to blend it out.

So now,lets continue. You use a sponge and cream base foundation and apply it over on your glue and tissue (please ensure that your glue is dry or it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to clean and wash). I would recommend that you use the tone that is closer to your skin at the center of the burn scar. Then at the edge, you use a darker tone to make it blend to your skin. Then your skin you blend it between the 2 different foundation tone.

Ok, for the burn marks, you use dark brown eye shadows and blend it out at as shadow for your scars. Then apply black eye shadows to make it look like it got burn. You need to know where are the parts that you want to make it look like it got smoke debris on it. You use a flat brush to apply it at corners to make it look like a shadow. Then around the wound, you apply through using a round ended brush and lightly dab it around your hand.

Then at the holes if you intend to make it look like it’s bleeding, I would say you get red eye shadow to put it in or your can use fake blood (which you can make). For my case, I used lipstick which isn’t as good because powder and gel would blend easily. So I would say… Don’t use lipstick. It becomes a nasty color when you blend it!

To make the makeup look real, dab a fair amount of black eye shadow with your round ended brush. That includes your nails because in a burn situation, your fingernails will also have the black debris.

So basically when you want to remove your glue… Just tear them apart. It will just come out of it.

It will just come out nicely.. So this is it!


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