I am blessed. Truly blessed.

Peace is something that have been on my mind lately. I feel blessed for the Holy Spirit take note of me and my needs.

So I feel blessed when he sends me message at different times.

So yes. I’m healing. Feel good and awesome lately.


I have a fascination… my sister.

She very interesting one. You know why? She can remember almost all of the Pokemon in the series… I’m not talking about the regular Pikachu or Meow…

I’m talking about the irregular… The ones that I know by the character and not by name… She can tell me the name and their characteristics… From it being a water Pokemon to the power it has and what it evolve from…

She pro.

By the way, she is watching Pokemon now. On season 5…

I seriously duno how many times she have watch the series… I can’t count. Seriously.

I’m afraid to hurt people. Very afraid.

Because it seems like everything I do, somehow it will hurt someone. Directly. Or indirectly.

I’m scared that people will be disappointed with me. And that’s one form of hurt to me.

I’m not a good person. Not good enough that people should spend time for me. Cry for me. Worry for me.

That’s why I laughed it off when people asked me “are you ok?” because I don’t deserve it.

I may seem like a happy kid who is happy go lucky and that I have no worries and whatsoever…

But deep down, I know I’m a scare-dy cat.

I choose to not talk, so no venom or evil will be spilled. I choose to isolate myself, so no one will be hurt. I choose to walk this journey as quiet as I can, because that way people wouldn’t notice me and wouldn’t care about me.

But it’s hard.

Human are such contradicting creatures. First they don’t want this. Yet at the same time, they want it at the same time.

That’s including me. Weird and contradicting human creatures.

~ Shit talking friends ~

Haha… it’s so random but I have this few friends that I can talk total shit with. Like everything is literal rubbish and we don’t mind talking shit as well…

All thanks to them, I’m a happy and carefree person! Ok.. most of the time…

This goes out to MK, Far-far-far-FARZANA!!!!, Zhi Hua, Ben and a lot many others… You know who you are… It just pop out in my mind about you few….

❤ I Love you guys! ❤